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Magnetsigns is a portable road side rental company that provides an array of signs in the Edmonton area.  The Edmonton sign rental market has changed tremendously over the last 5 years, so much so that the industry has evolved into a higher state of signage both reflects our client better and the property to where the sign sits.

Magnetsigns Edmonton    Magnetsigns Edmonton    Edmonton Magnetsigns

Mobile signs started as changeable letter signs and Magnetsigns uses a neon letter made out of magnet that is then placed onto a steel surface to create a advertisement that was the next generation of changeable letter signs.  A Magnetsign has an advantage over a changeable letter sign in that the letters do not have to be placed in a straight line and can be combined with magnetic cartoon characters to try and make the messaging stand out.

Edmonton Magnet Signs

Magnetsigns has its limitations from the use of 1 font style, 4 colours for lettering and limited letter sizes has limited this type of signage.  Add in the fact the this type of signage does not allow for company branding and consistent marketing and advertising is about connecting your product to your band and informing a customer or potential customer of the products and services you offer.

Magnetic Signs   Magnetic Signs Edmonton   Edmonton Magnetic Signs

The next generation of mobile roadside sign is the printed mini billboard.  A full colour graphic sign is the best of all worlds, it allows for unlimited design combined with unlimited fonts and colours and add in professional photographs you can create truly beautiful designs that help attract customers and maintain your branding with a similar look and feel across all your marketing materials.

Backlit Magnetsigns

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